The current state of this space

Since the end of my PhD in 2019 I have not really updated this space primarily due to ‘lack of time’ but also because with the rise of academic Twitter and the proliferation of preprint servers, I felt that the need for a personal blog was less pressing.

I also worked on a number of projects that I was either not allowed to share publicly, and that didn’t help keeping the initial idea of an open notebook of my research.

At the same time, doing nice, polished analyses and writing up results in a blog post takes considerable time and effort.

What will this space be going forward?

Now (2022) starting my group at CeMM, I don’t see myself having more time to write long blog posts, and again I think I won’t be able to share all the work I will be doing.

At the same time I still think there is value in sharing ideas and small proof of concept tests that may be of broader relevance and use to others.

So going forward, I will try to use this space to share small snippets of code, ideas, and thoughts that I think may be of interest to others, but primarily to myself.

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